Vigorous Hair Scalp Cleanser


Benefits Of Hair Scalp Cleanser ;

  • Prevents & treats dandruff or any scalp dermatitis
  • Containing anti bacteria and anti fungal
  • Protects scalp from Microbiome & hydration
  • Reduce hair loss & promotes new hair growth
  • Anti static effect – reduce frizzy
  • Anti tangling, Conditioning
  • Hair fiber reconstruction
  • Increase hair strength and repair damaged hair due to chemical treatment ( i.e. bleaching, perming etc )

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Ingredient ;

Use Instruction;

Completely saturate your hair with water. Squirt a sufficient amount of Vigorous Hair Scalp Cleanser and gently massage your scalp until it lathers. Further massage your scalp with your fingertips in circular motions to help stimulate hair follicles and remove dead skin cell. Repeat if needed to remove any build up residues. Last but not least, rinse thoroughly.


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